Ryerson’s Bluff: Scene 2.1

Location: Hallway outside of lab
Ship Name: Hammer of Corvi
Purpose: Get group to landing bay, get off ship
Bits: Several four-wheeled carts, fire suppression systems set in walls, elevator at hall end (door closed)

Lank sees the guard in time to pull out his pistol, passing Alex off to Switch as he squints through weeping eyes. “Listen, just stop what {cough} you’re doing, and think it through for a minute. I don’t want to pull this {cough} trigger, but I’ll damn well do it, no shit! {cough} Got some keys for these rooms?”

“Yeah, but I can’t reach them with this shit in my hands. Right side rear, on a beltloop…”

Switch’s hands are now fairly full, helping Alex to walk. Does Lank hand the gun to Alex?
Option A: Yes (d10) 6
Option B: No (d6) 2

Lank hands the gun to Alex, who’s wiping his eyes to clear them, and cautiously walks up to the guard. “Careful, man. We don’t want to cause no fuss. Sandwich any good?”

“Up yours, asshole. You shitheads won’t make it past the next hallway, and I’m gonna enjoy what happens when you’re caught. ‘Cuz I’m gonna make damn sure I’m part of it. How’s yer nuts, princess?” asks the guard, his finger pointing at Alex.

Alex’s response:
Option A: Smart-alec comeback (d6) 4
Option B: Quiet seriousness (d10) 9

Alex stands slowly from his hunched position under Switch’s guiding arm, and stares the guard down for a few seconds with tired eyes. “Sore. I’ll get over it. You won’t.” Alex lifts the gun and pulls the trigger, sending an energy surge directly to the guard’s groin as Lank pulls away with the guard’s keychain.

Does the guard die from this wound?
Option A: Yes (d6) 5-tie, 5
Option B: No (d8) 5-tie, 4

The guard drops his lunch and folds over in half, clutching his burnt and bloody parts as a high-pitched scream emanates from his mouth. His fleeting look of disbelief gives Alex a grin. It’s not long for this world; weapons-fire detectors sound a piercing alarm, a call to arms.

Lank lets the keys drop to the floor. “Well, no use trying to hide him now. Think we can make it to the ship before they disconnect it? There were only three other ships docked, they’re gonna assume Alex was connected to one of them…”

Will the Corvi crew close the hatches to the docked shuttles, blocking the trio from an easy exit?
Option A: Yes (d8) 7
Option B: No (d6) 3

Switch checks a readout on her watch. “I’m not sure that’s a safe assumption… no, wait… Yep, the docking clamps just went into lockdown. We’re not going anywhere that way.” She blows a few loose strands of hair away from her eyes in exasperation, raising her voice above the noise of the alarms. “Never a dull moment, eh, Alex?!”

Alex grins sheepishly.

“OK, let’s double-time it to the landing bay, see what we can see. I have some thoughts on that lockdown,” Lank growls.


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