Ryerson’s Bluff: Scene 1.2

Location: Hallway outside of lab
Ship Name: Hammer of Corvi
Purpose: To find out more about inner circle of drug ring
Bits: Darkened windowed doors lining hallways, several four-wheeled carts, fire suppression systems set in walls

Lank slips under Alex’s left arm to help him into the hallway. “Which way, Switch?!” He looks left and right, wondering where the next challenge will stroll in from.

Option A: Left, taking them back toward where Lank and Switch “procured” their garb (d8) 2-tie, 5
Option B: Right, to face the guard as he returns from lunch (d6) 2-tie, 6

Does the cabinet explode causing massive damage and noise?
Option A: Yes, causing the glass windows to shatter, flames filling the hallway (d10) 4
Option B: No, but smoke pours out of the doorway when the PC exits (d6) 6 – Critical!
Roll for Critical action: (d6) 2 – Logical AND = No, AND… T -2

Switch pulls the plastic cap from a Quick-Me-Up ™ with her teeth and jams the needle into Alex’s thigh as Lank wrestles the door open while shifting the weight of Alex’s body around. “This should help to get the blood pumping again.”

Alex looks over his shoulder at the cabinet as the impromptu fuse sparks and pops at the closed cabinet door, making its way past the seal. “I hope so, ‘cuz I think we need to JUMP FOR IT!”

The three pile through the doorway as the cabinet doors burst open with a BANG! A short-lived ball of flame pours out of the cabinet, but dissipates quickly as the room’s air scrubbers do their duty, removing the chemical fumes from the breathable air. The smoke, however, quickly engulfs the area and billows out of the open door. Lank gets a lungful and starts a coughing fit.

“{cough} Dammit, Alex… {wheeze} what the {cough} what good did that do? {cough}”

Critical Action Resolution: 2 – Logical AND = No, AND… No, no explosion, only smoke, AND it alerts the entire ship. Group is less likely to get out of situation unnoticed.

Abruptly the fire klaxons come to life, letting everyone on the ship know what’s happening. And at that moment, as Switch looks up at the flashing red lights lining the hallway, she sees their guard standing ten feet away from them. He has a look of shock and guilt on his face, holding a sandwich package in one hand, a beverage container in the other. She can barely hear him mutter a single word: “Shiiiiiit.”

Continued in: Ryerson’s Bluff: Scene 2.1

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