Ryerson’s Bluff: Character Setup – Lank Barda

Lank’s going to figure into the next phase fairly prominently, so let’s flesh him out a bit:

Lank Barda: Human
Skin type: Dark complexion (Brazilian)
Build: Muscular, works out (upper and lower body)

Description (physical): 6′ 1″, 260 lbs, stocky and chiseled (built for fighting), of Brazilian descent, about 32 years old, dark brown crew cut, friendly understanding face. Dresses for the occasion, and is a non-smoker, non-drinker when on missions (drinks for fun only when completely off-duty); a consummate professional, and loves the ladies. Has an office with a secretary who manages his affairs closely (think Joan Cusack in “Gross Pointe Blank”), his sister-in-law Christy, located on Earth.

Weapons: Carries a light phase pistol, charge clips good for 14 shots at full power, can be set to low power to conserve charge (good for close quarters, 5′ distance); carries an assortment of knives, including throwing knives. Favors a carbon-black Bowie knife fashioned with a CO2 cartridge in the handle; freezing blast of CO2 enters where the blade penetrates, damaging internal organs (good for up to 5 uses).

Skills: Hired killer with project management skills (mercinary killer [Above Average], tactical planning [Well Above Average], traps and bomb making skills [Above Average]). Map making [Above Average], negotiations [Well Above Average], team management [Above Average]. “McGyver” mechanical skills [Above Average].

Habits: Light neuro-damage causes slight shake in left hand (he’s right-handed). Likes his sleep, and likes a set regimen. Normally has a calm demeanor, stable under stress; he knows he can handle most anything thrown at him in the field, as long as there’s a good plan going into a project.

Beliefs: Not everything can be solved in a court of law; he is the equalizer for those who can’t speak for themselves, for those who can’t fight for themselves, but only for those who can pay on time.

Lank is a friend to Alex, but only because he’s worked for Alex so many times in the past. Outside of professional involvements, they still connect with each other (as Lank does with many other clients; it’s good to be sociable and often brings more work). Lank often gives guidance to the older adventurer which belies his age but showcases his deep experience level.

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