What happened to the time?!

Geez, I apologize to anyone who’s been waiting for this story/RPG actual play to continue! I thought I’d have more time to mess around after the kids went back to school, but it seems work and sports (the kids’, not mine) are dictating otherwise. But fall sports are almost over around here, which means no more Saturday cross-country meets, no more marching band practice and performances. It wouldn’t be so bad if we were just parents watching our kids, cheering for them, but we’re also volunteers. So once this season’s done, we’re good until Spring (and Crew starts up)!

As an apology, I’m going to start messing around with some tools I picked up over the past month or so, and try to work them into my solo plays. I’m especially excited to start integrating The Gamemaster’s Apprentice (GMA) card decks into a game very shortly. I backed the latest Fantasy Deck on Kickstarter recently, and used the opportunity to grab ALL of Nathan Rockwood’s decks at a great price. This is my first card purchase from DriveThruRPG.com, as well; I’m very impressed with both Nathan’s deck designs AND the printed card quality, so kudos to Nathan and DTRPG!

I also picked up a card deck toolset called The Solo System, which is meant to assist with solo plays of board games (one of my not-so-secret guilty pleasures, purchasing board games which I’ll likely never find players for!), though that probably won’t be detailed on this blog. I may do a review of the product, if I get the opportunity; it looks very interesting, though a bit more abstract than the GMA decks for RPG play.


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