Ryerson’s Bluff: Opening Scene

Alex dives behind a stack of slimy yellow barrels and checks his pistol’s clip; three, maybe four shots left in the Yami, if the pulse power’s lowered… and about six Frasta goons chasing him down, lurking behind the door frame of the side entrance to the landing bay. He rises cautiously to his knees and slowly peers around one of the barrels on his right, gun at the ready.

Are there any goons ready to fire at Alex?
Option A: Yes, and they take shots at Alex (d10) 6
Option B: No, and Alex is able to lose them ducking through an open door (d8) 1

At least two guns fire in his general direction, forcing him back behind his cover. “Shit. Shit!” Trapped, cornered.

“Put the gun down, asshole, and you’ll live for awhile longer. At least, until Kryn-alt gets his hands on you. No guarantees from then on…”

Option A: Make a dash for a nearby ledge to lose the goons (d10) 4
Option B: Put down the gun and hope the goons show mercy (d8) 7

Alex, strapped for any other ideas short of making a run for it, carefully puts the gun down on the concrete and nudges it from behind his improvised cover with his booted foot. “Here, here. Take it, just don’t frickin’ shoot, be cool, OK? We’re all cool, yeah?”

We’re all cool here, he thinks, and suddenly feels that way as his consciousness is ripped from him via the butt of a rifle from behind.

“Take him down to Med bay one. First is inter…”

Alex’s character sheet…
Continued in: Ryerson’s Bluff: Scene 1.1

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