Ryerson’s Bluff: Character Setup

Name: Alex Ryerson

Description (physical): 5′ 11″, stocky but not obese, of Anglo descent, about 40 years old, graying brown straight hair cut short with a side part, smirk as a resting face. Tends to dress for colder than comfortable climates, always wears trooper boots and smokes actual cigars (hard to get these, very expensive), drinks lightly but socially. Carries a hefty phase pistol, charge clips good for 30 shots at full power, can be set to low power to conserve charge (good for close quarters, 5′ distance).

Skills: Technician on numerous starships and stations (electronics skills [Above Average], computer use and repair skills [Well Above Average], mechanical skills [Above Average]). Piloting skills, navigation skills are self-taught from what he’s picked up from others [Average]. Gambling skills [Well Above Average]; has a knack for math and memorizing patterns. Unlucky in love, but doesn’t stop him from trying.

Habits: Smokes cigars when he can get them, likes to talk smack when his back is against the wall. Spends money as quickly as he makes/finds it.

Beliefs: Believes in a better future for all, and has recently decided to put his money where his mouth is.

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