Introducing: Ryerson’s Bluff

Welcome to my first ‘actual play’ of a pen & paper roleplaying game. I have taken a quick idea from my “someday I’m going to write a book, so here are some story ideas” cache, built up over the past 10 years or so, and fleshed it out in the form of a story derived from the use of a roleplaying game system’s rules. Some would call this a story-driven roleplay, and they wouldn’t be wrong. Plus, it’s easier to say that, so yes, that’s what it is.

Thousands of roleplaying game rulesets of various shapes/sizes/flavors have been available since the 1970s, but most don’t work well for a quick solo jaunt through the mind. I will be using a relatively young ruleset called Miso RPG. It is ultra-simple, easy to learn, yet provides for as much detail as you could want in a story. Three rules make up the core of the system. If you can’t figure this system out, then don’t go looking to play Traveller or Pathfinder with your buddies!

Ryerson’s Bluff is a solo story-driven roleplaying ‘actual play’, heavy on the action, set in the future around 2550AD. Alex Ryerson, gambler and adventure seeker in the lonelier quadrants of the Milky Way in the 26th century of Man, has stumbled across a group of thugs called the Frasta, pushing a new level of drugs to the poor on the planet he currently calls home: Tanak, fourth planet of the Basilin system (about 150 light years from Sol system). There are rumors this group is funded by a cartel moving the new hyper-psychosis drug between systems with impunity, somehow defying detection by in-system Marine Corps.

Alex has seen what these drugs can do to a planet as insular as Tanak; it is already starting to rip through the minds of the system’s relatively poor population like a scythe. Now he wants to know who’s behind this insidious hallucinogen, and how he can help stem its rapid flow throughout the known systems of the galaxy.

Life’s been good to Alex… until now.

Start the adventure here: Ryerson’s Bluff: Opening Scene

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